Friday, June 26, 2009

legends do die young.

Both my parents think i've gone a little insane with my obsessions over body chains. I have the simple behind the neck over the boobs chain i wear often, but i want more. I asked dad whether he had any chains, him being an electrical engineer and all; he gave me this wicked thick industrial chain, and gave me little pliers and other little men tools. Then I asked my mourning mother (over her long lost husband Michael Jackson, God bless his awesome soul) about any old chains she had. She gave everything else in that photo. I am a fan of making crap and wearing it, but I have no clue what to do with these. Hopefully I wont epic fail and show you guys what ive done with it all.
i am so epic failing..


  1. ohh fuck i am jealous right now!
    i think youve captured my dreams in picture form. any idea where can you get really fine chains from? like craft shops?
    xx maike

  2. i loveeee body chains too, but wouldn't know where to start on the contruction side of things. definitely post up anything you make and maybe a tutorial haha.

    harper and harley