Sunday, March 8, 2009


someone took this candid of me and I thought I’d do a lil something something on hand wear.

god I hated everything jewellery as a kid.

eric bana magazine in the background, can I be more australian..

I wear these atleast once every 3 or so days.

I tried to take a good photo of the two peice gold ring,
its 100 times more beautiful than it looks.

my mess.

I posted this a while ago when both my wrists were full.
about 5 of those pieces were permanent. I had them on for 14 months. one day I just looked at them and felt like ripping them all off. my wrists looked completely different. I still call them alien wrists because I'm still not used to seeing them bare.


  1. love the rings! the d and g one i killer.

  2. you have amazing accesories, loved the oversized rings! definitely going to follow your blog! x