Thursday, February 12, 2009


I asked a couple friends on msn to send me photos they simply thought were "Amazing".

It could be anything. I got clouds, sunsets, cars and women.

but Emma sent me this, each photo with a story.


"OK. um the first one of the people lined up, is amazing to me because it was taken by a famous photographer during the depression. those people are lined up for hours each day to get their meal portions and they have nothing to do but to look at propaganda like what they're in front of. Their strength of will astounds me, and so does the irony of their placement"

"all these photos are taken 'in the moment'. i hate staging.

the second i can't even explain. its just, well. devastating.
it amazes me that a photographer can just walk up, take a photo and walk aways. which is basically what happened. i read a story once about a photographer who had a chance to save somebodys life but decided that their shot was worth more than that persons life.

terrible, but true. in their eyes. sickening, but amazing"

"happiness isn't amazing. its natural"

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